Ow many of us have seen or heard of a child born with a major illness or deformity and the prognoses is one that will not enable them to have a productive life.  Our first reaction is often sadness for the lovely family he/she was born into knowing the burden it will bring on them.  Next is sadness for the child and the difficult life that lies ahead.

As a child I often wondered, with a little bit of anger, how the words I’d heard time and again could possibly be true?  “We are all born equal.” Why is he in a wheel chair when I’m running and playing with friends?

What is productive, what does it mean?  One of my hobbies is oil painting and that is productive.  Of course I use my arms and hands to hold the brush and blend the colors.  One day I was in a small shop browsing through some individual stands that held greeting cards when my eye caught some remarkably beautiful ones.  While picking some for purchase I noticed on the back of the card a photo of the artist at her easel painting from a wheel chair. She was holding the paint brush between her teeth.  Amazed, I realized that productivity reaches any levels, some much greater than others.

That takes us back to why?  If we are all born equal, why are we so different from one another at birth?  Some are smarter than others, born with different talents and different limitations.  Some are born into lovely supportive families while others live a life of deprivation and must fight just to live.

I remember telling a friend that we all create our own life situations. I was answered with anger and the words, “Are you telling me that I chose to live like this, that I created it?”  My unspoken answer was YES.

There is a common concept, too readily accepted, that our life was created and shaped by someone else.

Indeed we are all born equal at the time of our initial birth.  Additional births/ lives have filled the eons of time since our original birth upon the earth.

Life is but a ladder, every rung represents an individual life. We must climb our own ladder and the next rung is but a continuance of the past.  Our higher goal is to reach the top and if we mess up along the way, there is someone above and someone below ready to help, if we will just listen. Life is about going forward not backward and not staying stagnate.  There will always come a time when we must look back and see our past to step to the next rung.

I have four grandchildren and they are all different, all talented in powerfully different ways with their own special interest.  They entered this world with their own history.  That makes them who they are today and opens their own world to what lies in front of them.

As a child I didn’t understand, as an adult personal experiences have given me a deeper understanding of life.  I share some of these experiences in my book, Intertwines.
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