Well written book about a personal spiritual experience. I was inspired and awed by the deeply moving narration of deeply personal events in the author’s life. Judith M. Budinger Acarath Montessori, Amazon customer

This book was brilliantly written! I found myself having to slow down my reading about half way through so as not to miss anything. Having known Eileen for several years (with no knowledge of her abilities) I have always felt her to be a calming influence whenever I am around her--and now I know why. Her ability to tell her story through words is awe inspiring. I will read this again soon!! Anne M. Alesauskas, Amazon customer

First, I must state I have been acquainted with the Author for several years. I knew she was special in the ability to heal, but this book is a powerful expression of love and faith. I feel I have become Gnostic in my beliefs over the years and I really relate to this book. Reading this book gives me some wonderful new insights into this excellent Author. From just one person intertwined in this great tapestry of life. Donald J. Stifler, Amazon customer

Eileen Goggins

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