For every season there is a reason.   Our lives take on a different glow with every change of season.  There are no mistakes as to our choice of location, be it the north or the warm south.

I love the north with its seasons and change of colors.  I always enjoy the winter season for its quiet.  The blanket of snow not only warms and protects nature’s growth but lends a feeling of comfort to all. Winter is a time for warm fires, the smell of comforting foods cooking on the stove and for me a time to write in the depth of quiet.  It is also a time for my research and this year it has been wonderful.  We have been studying ‘The Life and Teaching of The Masters of the Far East.  Even the long months have gone quickly but now come to an end as we are now completing winter in the north.

Spring is definitely here with our grass now green and plants beginning to pop their fresh sprigs forward through the soft spring earth.  The trees have gained their light green hue about them as the buds open and new leaves begin their growth.  Soon will follow cozy areas for the nesting birds and abundant shade for all below.  Spring is lovely as it promises warmth and ease of being outdoors.  Work begins as the winter clean up must be done. I find it refreshing to be outside but cleaning gardens quickly becomes tiring on my back. You see, I am in the early winter of my life.

I think of how our lives follow the seasons. All seasons, near and far, claim their own grace as the seasons of our lives do for us.

Spring is childhood and all the fresh birth that goes with it, a time of love and abundance for the young with exuberant hearts and endless energy.

Next is summer with blossoms in full bloom, mimicking the young adults anxious for the age and freedom that maturity brings.  Summer brings swimming, sports, family gatherings and late nights star gazing in the warm air.

Fall is next. One of my favorite seasons for the coolness of the air and the sheer beauty of the colors that grace the trees. Hearing the rustle of leaves as I walk through the woods.  For the middle aged it is a time of beginning to slow down gathering comfort from the life they have created and enjoying fall activities with their children and perhaps grandchildren.

Winter comes slowly as the seasons pass, representing the end of the year and moving into the next to begin the cycle again.

Nature’s seasons change constantly and transition naturally. The seasons of life observe a similar cycle: each season is temporary; each one will eventually give way to the other in a determined time.

Seasons allow us time to evolve as human beings. Each season gives us the time and opportunity to examine our life choices, assess our personalities, and adapt to changes. As life gives us the time to enjoy life, it also hands us time to grieve over our loss and lapses… and offers us the change to reflect upon and redeem ourselves. We create our own misfortunes and blessings.

Life is indeed an epitome of change. Life, after all, is like a wheel. There is a time for everything.

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