This week I received a lovely note from a gentleman who read my book, Intertwines –The Threads of Life.

He wrote that he enjoyed it but felt that I left some things unanswered.  His first question addressed the use of the word Veil. In my book I write of beyond the veil and seeing through the veil.

I shall try to explain.  There is a very sheer veil between life and what we know as death. This veil is protective of both worlds as the two worlds appear to operate independently, in reality there is life on both sides of this veil.  Passing through the veil is not ending but transferring the place of living.  I refer to it as a veil because when I have seen through it I am looking through what appears to be a sheer film of silk.

I remember when my parents thought I was old enough to attend a funeral with them. So many people were crying and I didn’t understand why, I could see him in the coffin but he was also standing next to it behind a sheer veil.  I knew he still lived and was okay.

The reader’s second question was about meditation and how I used it to transport me into another time.  Meditation is a wonderful tool for bringing peace and healing to the body and I love it but, I cannot control what I see while in meditation.  I trust that when I meditate what is needed will be there.  I only saw the vision on Madeline Island because it was time for it to reawaken.

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