Difficulties come into all of our lives at different times. Some people will have it harder than the others. A few people will experience terrible losses, such as the loss of a loved one, job, or worse, dignity and sanity. We are bound to experience tough times at certain periods of our lives. What matters is how we perceive or view our problems or troubled times – and how we respond to them.

Do we treat our difficulties in life as a blessing or a curse? Do we use our problems or afflictions as springboard for later success in life or as a hangman’s noose to use in the backyard? Do you see your problems as a plain “mistake” or a “setback”… or as an utter “failure” or “the end”?

For the person determined to achieve his/her goals, difficulties are “hidden blessings” that he/she should receive – or take – with the utmost positivity and faith in his/her capabilities. The positive person knows every difficulty brings with it a hidden blessing. There is always a blessing in disguise behind every hardship, misfortune, problem, and trial, whatever it is. There is not an end or a finality but only opportunity to grow.

But the ability to see the silver lining depends on one’s willingness to learn, grow and move on after a setback. It depends on one’s ability to cultivate a seed of advantage (behind every disadvantage or failure) into a tree that bears fruits of opportunities and rewards for his/her taking. Hidden blessings, as the name suggest, are often kept hidden by circumstances right under our very own nose or feet. It is up to us to discover them with our eyes, cultivate them with our hands, increase them with the power of our minds, and cherish them in our hearts.

But too bad, many of us are too preoccupied with brooding over our problems that we fail to recognize the “blessings” or (opportunities) that come into our trouble lives. We are too busy to notice we indeed have been “blessed” in many not-so-obvious ways. Have our difficulties in life made us blind and close-minded towards the hidden beauties of our painful realities? Or hidden blessings remain “hidden” because we are unworthy to enjoy them?

We yearn for the best things in life but what would we do with it if they were given to us?

It is often during difficult times that positive people learn how to appreciate and make better use of the less and the few that they have. They understand they can’t blame anyone for the circumstances they are in, but they have the power to turn their life around. They have the power to create and innovate and the innate ability to survive. They act because they want to show the world they have the right to survive.

No funds, no beautiful beginnings, what positive people have are “seeds” and their ability to discover hidden blessings. They do not look for change in the distance, far from where they are. They believe the grass is greener from where they stand. They do not pass up the hidden blessings which are available in the forms of ideas, opportunities, and innate gifts.

It is important to realize that when we look back on our past difficulties, we see what part they played in our lives and wonder what may not have occurred if that difficult time (and its equivalent hidden blessing) had not presented the opportunity.

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