As a child on the farm I would lay on the newly mown lawn on a warm summer’s night and gaze up at the stars.  Filled with wonderment, I knew there was something great up there, much greater than my front yard.  This year I turned 71 years of age and I will admit that I still love to watch the star filled night sky, although I now sit on one of our Adirondack chairs.

I have heard and read that the earth is but a reflection of the heavens and I do believe that is true.  The night sky is so far away, yet one feels that you can reach up and touch it.  Here I could speak of man’s connecting place between the earth and the heavens, but instead I will write of the power of earth as reflected from the heavens.

A dear friend shared a poem that was written for him several years ago.  He has a strong love for the mountains and in fact at one point in his life accepted a job position that would have him located near the western mountains.  As with all of us, when we are especially drawn to something, we wonder why, for there is always a reason unbeknown to our conscious mind.

Perhaps the very source of your joy, the mountains, Are calling you to learn their secret, Not from a safe distance on the ground, But a path designed to take you uphill, This time the mountains will not let you be a spectator, They will call you close to begin your solo traverse, With the wind against you, you will find a way, When the darkness brings the fear you will learn to climb, The mountains do not mean to unjustly punish you, But to increase your joy by sharing their secrets, By darkness and light, scaling both rocks and plateaus, To climb a mountain is to reach and fall, weep and rejoice, When you learn to comfort yourself on top of shifting earth, You will know the mountain’s secret is more than physical beauty, A mountain is the dream, of who we are meant to be, Standing ready to breathe life into souls who reach for the top.

Author: Pamela Renick

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