This web site showcases my book, Intertwines –The Threads of life.  It is my second book and was begun late one winter night. Turning off the lights to retire for the night I heard, “You must write.”  Not sure what this meant, I sat down at the computer, my fingers on the keyboard. Then as the words began flowing through me, I understood that I was writing of the powerful happenings that had occurred in my life. I cried that night, at times I sobbed, but as it continued to unfold, the results surprised even me.  It is a true story, some call it a memoir and I suppose it is, although it developed into a highly spiritual and enlightening book.

In it I write that my life felt like a puzzle that had to be put together; all the pieces were there just laying, scattered about, waiting for the right time to be put in place. Some of these pieces represented my current life while others represented my greater life, the infants and the elders, diverse races and cultures, different lands and different seas, all the aspects of nature and all living things the embodied a complete life.  These pieces intertwine at the right time and place allowing a given pattern creating the whole picture.  How and who designs this picture?

With different travels and experiences filling my life, on one last short trip a pattern emerged that clearly shows how the treads intertwine.

I hope you’ll share it with me.

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