Life is often a challenge.  Many times we question ourselves.  Our heart leads us one way while our head often leads us another. Where do we go?  Which is right?

We hear arguments about which religion is right or what economic or political system is right, which school is right?  At times we might feel bombarded by the opinion makers.

It matters not what religion you belong to or what political or economic views you adhere to, what really matters is being true to yourself.  We have people that come into our world to guide and teach us, be it parents, grandparents, elders, friends, etc.  All play a role in our life.  Sometimes we see the negative and if we do not accept the negative it will create a stronger positive within ourselves.  We have also received unexpected blessing. I remember an elderly woman who played an important part in my life, little did I expect her and not long did she stay, but her loving, kind words played an important part in how I lived my life going forward.  She helped me see who I was.

The question is neither which path you follow nor what path you are told you should follow.  It is about how determined you are in finding the path which you believe will lead you to your meaningful existence.  It rests with your sincere, pure, motive in living your life forward to be the best it can be.       Remember, nothing can dim the light that shines from within.  Live the life you were born to live.  Socrates said, “Know Thyself.”

In traveling the world I found and enjoyed many different ethnicities and cultures.  Wonderful people living different life styles, formed by their life experiences, their families, community and most importantly, their worship. From the ancient cultures of Greece and Egypt to the more recent culture of Israel and then to the current culture of the people living in the villages of the Amazon, all are different yet all the same.  They all worship a higher wisdom that guides their life.  They may follow  different paths, some being straighter than others, as some people require more twists and turns, but the pinnacle is the same for all—reunion with the most high.


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